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12 Space Tips for Small Bathrooms

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Due to the small area to be decorated or remodeled, small bathrooms and powder rooms are ideal spaces to go all out for a design. From fun floor and fixture ideas to a variety of useful space-saving solutions.

1. Choose a small tub

This otherwise narrow enclosure is the perfect place to place a small tub. From bright tribal-patterned floors to towel hooks that double as fun art, this is a perfect example of a small bathroom.

2. Hang the curtains high

Cloth shower curtains add sophistication and glamour to any bathroom. Take advantage of this in tight spaces by installing an extra-tall curtain close to the ceiling. A tumble of fabric from ceiling to floor will elongate the walls and bring elegance to the room.

3. Illuminate the space

Neutral tones are a timeless choice for instantly brightening your bathroom. Here, a light oak vanity is set against a gleaming white wall, while rattan detailing on the front of the cabinets adds flair.

4. Invisible glass

A walk-in shower is far from your only option for a sophisticated bath. This bathroom features a subway tile tub combined with a barely framed glass. The use of glass makes the entire space of the room airy and gives a feeling of spaciousness.

5. Make the trellis important

Small bathrooms cannot be cluttered. If your bathroom doesn't have enough storage space for a ton of storage, the one you have should do double duty, like these stylish natural wood shelves with well-placed essentials and decorations.

6. Install large mirrors

It's a well-known design truth that mirrors can create the illusion of more space. The floor mirror shown here is a perfect example of this strategy. A floating marble vanity and clean color scheme further complete the bathroom's luxurious, airy look.

7. Forget about hard objects (handles, etc.)

Maneuvering in tight spaces is difficult enough, don't add any more obstacles protruding from the handle. Streamlined drawers and cabinets with spring opening or units with a lip or pull of the same material. Here, the minimalist vanity enhances the openness of the space with flowing lines that are not disturbed by hard objects.

8. Keep it tidy with alcoves

A built-in alcove behind the tub or in the shower saves space. These concealed storage shelves are concealed so they don't invade an already limited space. For a cohesive look, use the same tile or finish for the niches on the surrounding walls.

9. Get creative with patterns

Small bathroom color palettes don't have to be limited to whites and grays. In small spaces, use bright, bold colors and patterns that might seem overwhelming in a large room. This small bathroom from Old Brand New Dabito is full of rich colors, quirky patterns and geometric shapes.

10. Show off your shower

Fish scale tile is a hot trend in bathrooms, and using it on a small shower accent wall is a great way to elevate your bathroom in a very subtle way. Complete your shower with a sleek glass door to show off your new style of showering.

11. Create a gallery wall

Add a big personality to a small space with a gallery wall, and put in unexpected artworks that only a museum can appreciate. Make sure these parts are waterproof or framed properly to avoid moisture damage.

12. Hang the mirror

Extending a small bathroom is as easy as installing a hanging mirror. The key is to place the round glass at about eye level and then use the straps to accentuate the height of the ceiling. While mirrors like this often feature nautical cords or brown leather, this powder room opted for white straps to help the tight space feel more open.