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The two sessions of the industry were held, and Hengjie won the industry's only "smart bathroom expert" honor

On June 1, the 2022 "Industry Two Sessions" (the 11th China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Brand Supply and Demand Cooperation Summit and the 8th National Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Dealers Conference) hosted by the China Building Materials Circulation Association were grandly held in Foshan.

In this "Two Sessions of the Industry", Hengjie also won the industry's only "China Building Materials Home Furnishing-Smart Bathroom Expert" honor again with its professional strength after 2021!

As a representative of the new domestic brand of sanitary ware and an expert in intelligent sanitary ware, Zhang Bingyan, senior vice president of sales of Hengjie Group, was invited to give a keynote speech at the "Two Sessions of the Industry" and participated in the high-level forum on sanitary ware, sharing Hengjie's high-quality development with Taowei industry colleagues and representatives of engineering purchasers the road.

01/ Join forces to create a new chapter

It is not a day's work to become a representative of a new domestic brand of sanitary ware and an expert of intelligent sanitary ware. In the keynote speech of the "Two Sessions of the Industry" and the high-level forum on sanitary ware, Zhang Bingyan, senior vice president of sales of Hengjie Group, introduced the development history of Hengjie's new domestic products and the accumulation of Hengjie's product, technology and service system.

The high-quality development of Hengjie not only creates use value for consumers, but also creates cooperation value for engineering and home improvement channel partners. Mr. Zhang said that the goal of Hengjie's high-quality development is consistent with Hengjie's brand mission, and what drives Hengjie to pursue its goals and missions is to rely on Hengjie's long-term talents, intelligent manufacturing, research and development and other "infrastructure" "It is precisely relying on these powerful "infrastructures" that in 2020, Hengjie, as the only representative of the entire home furnishing industry, was selected into the "Brand Power Plan" of People's Daily; in November 2021, Hengjie once again cooperated with Huawei, Yili, Maotai and other industries China's leading brands were selected together, and continue to lead the development of new domestic products in sanitary ware.

To become a smart bathroom expert, it is also inseparable from the omni-channel worry-free service experience created by Hengjie for consumers. As a firm supporter of quality home improvement and a reliable partner for benchmarking projects, Hengjie has a professional service team of >3,000 people, who provide a solid guarantee for the quality of project cooperation.

In this "two sessions of the industry", many outstanding Hengjie dealers in Xi'an, Tianjin, Wuhan, Wuxi, Changsha, Foshan, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places stood out, and were honored by the "two sessions of the industry", and the number of awards ranked first.

02/ Domestic products are made intelligently, and permanence is precious

The focus of engineering users and the top popularity of the terminal market are inseparable from the keyword "smart". Therefore, smart bathroom has become one of the biggest concerns of the "two sessions of the industry", and Hengjie has won the industry's only "smart bathroom expert" "The honor also reflects the increasingly powerful influence of the new domestic products of sanitary ware.

The road to becoming a smart bathroom expert is Hengjie's long-term layout in smart manufacturing research and development.

Since its establishment 24 years ago, Hengjie has successively built five major categories of intelligent manufacturing bases including intelligent products and a full-category innovation R&D center with a total area of ​​6,000 square meters, and realized the integration of intelligent manufacturing and R&D; at the same time, Hengjie Accumulated more than 1,000 bathroom core patent technologies, and became the first drafting unit of the smart toilet industry standard.

The road to becoming a smart bathroom expert is the road that Hengjie continuously empowers smart star products with original technology.

From the Q9 with more than 40 patents in one product, to the R11 which won the 2021 German Red Dot Design Award without being listed, Hengjie's benchmark smart toilet is about appearance and connotation. In the post-epidemic era, consumers are paying more and more attention to health sterilization and other aspects, and the experience is the ultimate.

The road to becoming a smart bathroom expert is the road for Hengjie to continuously solve consumption problems with innovative service solutions.

In 2016, Hengjie launched the "Six-year Warranty for the Whole Smart Toilet" service, which took the lead in solving consumers' problem of "buying with confidence" for smart toilets; at the end of 2021, Hengjie further launched the "Hengjie Flash Pack" service, including A number of innovative measures, such as 2-hour quick changeover + 8 free services, can solve consumers' troubles with one click, and make the purchase and installation of smart toilets and the renewal of smart bathroom life to move towards "zero threshold" from now on.

The honor comes from the industry's recognition of Hengjie's quality and Hengjie's development model; in the future, Hengjie will continue to provide more innovative products and service solutions for engineering and home improvement partners and for Chinese consumers. The bridge of bathroom life.