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A new round of price hikes in the sanitary industry

Following the sharp increase in raw materials at the end of 2016 and the strict shuffling of environmental protection, the prices of faucets, bathroom hardware, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and other products have skyrocketed. The second price increase in early 2017, everyone believes that prices can be stabilized. After that, the stainless steel surged 800 in recent days, and the carton was out of stock for 7~14 working days due to the influence of raw materials. It was not finished, and the new round of price increase began again. ,


Stainless steel rose for ten days, and the increase exceeded 1,000 yuan.


Some media reported that the stainless steel material rose 400 to 500, and hate not to go up to a thousand, ridiculously said that I don’t see how you are going to heaven. The result was exposed in the industry in less than three days. Stainless steel rose 800, already on Thousands.


National cardboard and cardboard boxes are in the price increase, and many factories in South China have stopped orders and limited production.


During the past year, the carton factory sent a letter to the channel customers again after the price was cut off. Recently, due to the multiple rounds of raw paper prices and the tight purchases, in order to maintain the company's operations, the study decided to stop the two-day order. This is a helpless inconvenience. Please understand that from the notice of the carton factory, this round of price increase will not only be a little increase, as the necessary materials for the packaging of bathroom products, then the bathroom manufacturers once again face cost increases and out of stock pressure.


When I woke up, it was hard to find a piece of paper. Once I woke up, cardboard could not be bought, and the shortage of raw materials began to move rapidly downstream of the industrial chain. The national cardboard and carton prices began to rise again, and the South China region became a disaster-stricken area with stop orders, limited production, and price hikes.


Three major factors lead to rising prices of home building materials


Experts said that "the main factors leading to a sharp rise in the price of home building materials this year are three aspects. One is that raw material prices have skyrocketed, and the other is that environmental protection has severely caused the supply chain to shut down in the upstream supply chain. The third is the national regulation and promotion of consumer product upgrades. Big factors have led to an increase in the price of home building materials.


On May 12th - June 4th, the third environmental protection inspection team of Jiangxi Province stationed in the important ceramics production area Pingxiang to carry out a 24-day environmental supervision work. Recently, the Pingxiang government website publicized the results of the environmental protection inspection report. Eleven ceramic factories were ordered to suspend production and rectification, and seven other ceramic factories were fined administratively.


The price increase of home building materials is inevitable, buy home building materials to hurry


According to the third-party market monitoring data, since the beginning of the price hike in the home furnishing industry, the price of large and small appliances has soared by 15% to 30%, the price of kitchen and bathroom appliances has soared by 20% to 35%, and the price of bathroom hardware has also risen. 20%~40%, raw material prices have not stopped rising, but are still soaring, packaging cartons are still out of stock, most manufacturers have stopped production in advance.


The direct feedback data of the home building materials market shows that many home building materials dealers have already stocked in advance, and the prevention price continues to rise. The author randomly asked several home building materials dealers. “Do you think the price of home building materials will rise again this year?”, dealer machine Will unify the caliber and replied that "the rise does not rise, I don't know if the manufacturers can't give an answer, but the price will definitely not fall."


In short: Now, friends who are ready to decorate in a period of time, buy in advance to place an order in advance, and now do not buy the price increase after August is definitely more. Under the situation that the whole industry is “bullish”, the price increase is the trend of the times. Many companies have issued notices of product price adjustments. At present, the manufacturer said that the current price increase can only be the current minimum. A certain manufacturer said: This year, the building materials and home furnishing industry will increase prices from time to time.