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Across time and space, "Kelude Sanitary Ware" integrates avant-garde design into multiple spaces, interpreting the ultimate aesthetics

Washing the lead and returning to the basics and the simplicity of the design comes from the backlight, the German Kludi bathroom travels through the corridor of time and space to reproduce the essence of time for us. With one line, it embodies three kinds of elegance, and leads us into the trend of classics and simplicity. A realm of pure, decorative avant-garde design aesthetics.

Next, let us feel the classical elegance and modern charm of KLUDI NOVA FONTE~

Trend classic - staggered fusion changes

The combination of trendy and classic seems to be full of contradictions, but it is actually an ideal combination. A sense of heritage and subtle minimalism blend harmoniously to complement each other to create timeless elegance and special value. The striking cross handle and round stepped base give the NOVA FONTE classic a unique character.

There are also elegant and delicate gold models to choose from. Gold skillfully balances classical and modern elements, with a noble and restrained, low-key and luxurious temperament, which is unforgettable.

From the traditional classics, pure minimalist design and decorative design are derived. All three styles have different emphases, but they all have a timeless elegance and a unique look and feel.

Minimalist and pure - back to basics

Minimalist style is a typical modern decorative style, which emphasizes the simplicity and smoothness of lines, but simplicity does not mean simplicity. This style often pays great attention to the embodiment of beauty. The NOVA FONTE minimalist model is upgraded with a minimalist concept, with clear and straight outlines, clean and neat, activating the simple soul of the bathroom space, and with the precise geometric figures and simple shapes of its wing-shaped handle and base, it interprets the modern design style, only need to match Clean bathroom furniture can demonstrate rational and low-key luxury quality.

In addition, when KLUDI NOVA FONTE BLACK meets the profound and elegant black, it can collide with the unique high-level elegance. The slender curve is gentle and elegant, and the tall figure is charming and charming. When placed in the space, it is like a black swan swimming on the ripples. It spreads its wings and dances gracefully. With a low-key and luxurious color, it releases a reserved and noble temperament. .

Decorative Pioneer - Beyond Limitations

The unconventional NOVA FONTE avant-garde Art Deco combines the decorative elements of Art Nouveau with the aesthetics of the modern country in a unique way to create a design that is personalized and breaks through the constraints of the times. The herringbone handle is unique and exquisite, with the slightly upturned base line, the arc continues seamlessly, elegant and smooth, and the ray-type three-way division brings a different balance of beauty.

"Beauty" is more than that. The rose gold model turns the artistic DNA into the darling of the fashion bathroom. Its unique beautiful texture and futuristic luster become the finishing touch of the bathroom, showing the beauty of advanced luxury.

The impressive slender design of the KLUDI NOVA FONTE and the harmonious lines of the faucet are elegant and eye-catching. The combination of the two is like a rare work of art. KLUDI bathroom provides users with a comfortable bathing environment, and this product has both the retro trend of bathroom, quality and appearance convey the classic brand power of KLUDI.