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It makes sense to use cold water! Cleaning the bathroom 3 key points must be learned

The bathroom is easy to hide dirt, especially in the hot summer, if the humidity is not well ventilated, it is more likely to breed bacteria. Special reminder 3 points of summer bathroom cleaning suggestions, develop the habit of cleaning at hand, and regularly clean key equipment, which can prolong the service life of bathroom equipment, reduce and prevent bacterial growth, reduce allergies or contamination with pathogens.

Get into the habit of cleaning

After daily bathing, it is actually the best time to clean. It is recommended that people develop the habit of washing the soap bubbles on the floor or wall, which can avoid leaving yellow stains. After rinsing with water, use more Dry the bathroom floor with a rubber spatula or mop, and it's less prone to mold growth.

Bathroom key equipment cleaning

Showers and faucets are often stained with various shower gels, shampoos, etc. As long as they are not clear for a long time, it is easy to get stuck on thick scales, and it is difficult to clean at that time, and these washing products will make the chrome-plated surface becomes dull. It is recommended that the public clean the bathroom equipment about once a week, which can not only keep it new, but also prolong its service life.

Common bathroom details dirty treatment methods

The washbasin is prone to scale due to accumulated water. Wipe it with a rag dipped in vinegar or citric acid. Using the principle of acid-base neutralization, the alkaline scale on the countertop and mirror surface can be easily removed. After rinsing with clean water, wipe it with a dry cloth immediately to keep it clean. dry. Telly House reminds that faucets and drains are particularly prone to serious scale formation. It is best to wet compress with detergent or white vinegar for 1 hour, and then use a toothbrush or technical sponge for detailed cleaning. If there is baking soda or leftover toothpaste at home, apply it to the faucet and then brush it off, it can also effectively remove the tenacious scale and make the faucet sparkle immediately.

black mold
The sterilization of the ceiling is an important part of dealing with mold in the bathroom. Once the mold spores that stick to the ceiling are dropped, it will spread and breed mold in various places in the bathroom, so it should be cleaned regularly. Tellywu pointed out that the gaps between bathroom tiles and silicon edge strips are the most prone to mold, and brushing with a toothbrush will damage the cracks of the tiles and cause the mold roots to go deeper. It is recommended to use commercially available mildew-removing glue to apply it and then rinse with water. To completely prevent the occurrence of mildew, it is still necessary to start with daily maintenance. After taking a shower, rinse the wall with cold water to cool down, then scrape the water droplets and let them air dry. Or dehumidify, dry bathroom to avoid mold roots.

When cleaning the bathroom, be sure to use cold water, not hot water, as residual moisture can make the space damp. There are also clean water splashes that may contain bacteria, and the public should try to avoid being splashed.

other bacteria

After the visible dirt has been cleaned, in fact, the bathroom still harbors all kinds of invisible bacteria. Flush the water, wash the buttons with warm water, and wipe and disinfect any areas on the toilet that your hands will touch every day. After wiping off the dirt, it is recommended to use a sterilizing wet tissue to quickly wipe it in one direction to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization. If possible, the sterilization work is handed over to the ultraviolet germicidal lamp. When no one uses the toilet, close the door and let it operate by itself, and the bathroom can achieve the real sterilization effect.